We offer a qualified market appraisal based on actual comparable prices. We will    guide you through an analysis of current market conditions in your neighbourhood to determine your home’s market value.

Thanks to this analysis, you will have a realistic market range on which to base your expectations. But keep in mind our appraisal is not final. Your home can always get more once it goes to the market.

        What do you get:

  • The appraisal will consist of the current market assessment based on actual comparable sales in your area
  • You will receive a detailed marketing plan that is specific to your property
  • A thorough breakdown of the sales process and any costs that might be involved in the selling of your property

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We know how important advertising is. That's why we offer the full scope – social media, Google. press, radio and TV. Our website has over 10.000 users monthly, guaranteeing your listing great visibility and exposure.


Modern Technology

Our website was designed to help owners, potential buyers and tenants sell, buy or rent properties from the comfort of their own homes. Our advanced search filters help our users to choose the ideal structure, location and amenities of the listings in just a few clicks.


Comprehensive service

Our team of experts and professionals is at your service 24/7 when evaluating different real estates, actively looking for a buyer or a tenant, or preparing contracts for your listings.

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