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Condo real estate agency is the first agency of this type in Banja Luka,  changing the real estate market from the roots with its way of business and helping its clients to get the maximum results with the minimum investment.

We are bringing innovative solutions that are implemented through a digital transformation of business, technology and a new approach to clients. The way we do our job is “from idea to reality and we offer you full support through intermediation in the transfer of the real estate.

If you are buying, selling or even renting real estate in Banja Luka, our professional team of experts is at your service in order to help you find your perfect real estate without stress and difficult decisions.

The ultimate goal of the agency is to save clients’ time, money, and to protect them from the everyday stress they endure when trying to find real estate.

Considering the fact that we work in this city, it gives our team the possibility to lead you to desirable real estate in attractive locations, which will satisfy your needs and demands.

We are proud of making an adequate marketing campaign for every property, and we are especially proud of the quality and quantity of our services. Campaigns we make on social networks, our website and internet platforms will help your real estate find its way to the buyer in the fastest way possible.

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We know how important advertising is. That's why we offer the full scope – social media, Google. press, radio and TV. Our website has over 10.000 users monthly, guaranteeing your listing great visibility and exposure.


Modern Technology

Our website was designed to help owners, potential buyers and tenants sell, buy or rent properties from the comfort of their own homes. Our advanced search filters help our users to choose the ideal structure, location and amenities of the listings in just a few clicks.


Comprehensive service

Our team of experts and professionals is at your service 24/7 when evaluating different real estates, actively looking for a buyer or a tenant, or preparing contracts for your listings.

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